What if the DJ didn’t show?

There is any number of things that could go wrong when hiring a DJ. From poor music selection, to equipment failure, poor sound quality or just plain bad entertainment, but what if the DJ didn’t show up?

Most other things are avoidable by choosing a reputable DJ, interviewing in advance & checking references, but in the real world, DJ’s get sick, lose family members, and have other unavoidable emergencies just like the rest of us. However, a “no show” on your wedding day or other important event is NOT an option.

What to do?

While mobile DJ services that employ multiple DJ’s are rare, they are out there. Look for a mobile DJ service that regularly employs multiple DJ’s. You don’t want DJ Jeff’s half-wit half-brother Carlton emcee’ing your special day.

These Mobile DJ’s will traditionally have back up equipment (what’s the point of having multiple DJ’s if you don’t have enough equipment to do more than on job at a time), and with the additional investment of multiple systems & DJ’s, the music selection is usually a given.

This strategy is widely unpopular because the vast majority of mobile DJ’s are a one man show. Owner / operator / receptionist / order taker / DJ.

There are many types of DJ specialties as well. Club, rave, party, wedding, festival, convention….. the list goes on and on. Some are better at certain event, most are not the best choice for ALL events. Many DJ’s have become recruiters in a sense for large party’s, clubs & raves thanks in a large part to social media utilities such as Twitter, Facebook, Myspace & even their own personal text message contacts.

Some “red flags” to be on the look out for.

1. Does your DJ operate out of the trunk of their car? This will usually be your “gets a gig once in a great while” type of DJ.

2. Does your DJ need to be dropped off & picked up for jobs? First of all, does this guy have a drivers license & if not, WHY NOT? is this person going to be drunk half way through your special day?

3. How old is this kid? While it is true, it is widely considered a young man’s sport, the most confident, experienced, seasoned DJ’s will not be 19 years old. Besides, what if your event goes past curfew?

4. Buck50 or 200 DJ’s. The Internet is loaded with these guys. They will traditionally offer limited services for shorter times on select days. Either that or they will “switch” you into their standard pricing or it is just a website name or keyword that will redirect you to their real website. The moral of this story is that you get what you pay for. Any reputable DJ worth hiring will charge north of $500 for any event and the best typically command $1000 or more not including lights or other additional accessories. If you’re looking for entertainment that will control the room and inject energy that you thought was only possible when Venus & it’s moons were aligned combined with the earth’s gravitational effect on magic beans…… well, you’re gonna pay for it!

5. Is this guy wearing a backwards baseball cap to my wedding? Expect your DJ to be dressed professionally & appropriately for your event. Remember, you are signing their check, you are the boss. Be specific and be stern.

6. Finally, do not make your DJ selection the last thing you do. The entertainment is quite possibly the most important part of your budget. This will never be more evident than when your event is in full swing and you either have a fun, energetic event or a sad, disappointing version of what you were hoping for.






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